WILDLIFE (suspended)

Please note that due to Covid 19 the wildlife trips have been suspended

Spring Morning Bird Boat Trips

and Aug Evening Bat Trips

Ticket Prices £15 per head

Early BIRDS several dates in May from St.Ives Quay

6am Embark from the quay St Ives aboard Electric Boat 8am Return to Quay

Trips available on Sunday mornings during May. Dates released in early April.

Libby’s Birds list from 4th May 2019 Blackbird, Pheasant Mute Swan Feral pigeon Mallard Coot Pied wagtail Cormorant Jackdaw Green finch Grey wagtail Common tern Moorhen Swallow Black head gull Reed warbler Wood pigeon Blue tit Robin Green woodpecker Starling Sand martin Chaffinch Greylag geese & goslings Song thrush Chiff chaff Wren Sedge warbler Great crested grebe Rook Heron Canada Geese Cuckoo Crow Long tail tit White throat 2 Buzzards Mallard ducklings 44 total

Mammals Black squirrel Grey squirrel, Seal


Bats, Owls & Astronomy Trips St.Ives Quay

Friday evenings – July and Aug 

8pm Embark from The Quay St Ives Return 10pm

‘It was fantastic to hear the bats with the detector and them track them with the torch. The expert told us which sound each type of bat made.’ Rebecca Chapman

A Quick Guide to the Bats of the UK
Common pipistrelle (Pipistrellus pipistrellus)
Soprano pipistrelle (Pipistrellus pygmaeus)
Nathusius’ pipistrelle (Pipistrellus nathusii)
Daubenton’s bat (Myotis daubentonii)
Bechstein’s bat (Myotis bechsteinii)
Natterer’s bat (Myotis nattereri)
Whiskered bat (Myotis mystacinus)
Brandt’s bat (Myotis brandtii)




Last years 30TH Apr 2016 Birds sighted as listed below… 

+ Green Woodpecker and later in the day 2 separate Oyster Catchers


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