WILDLIFE  TRIPS from St Ives, 2018

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Bird Trips in the electric boat Meander 2018

Sat Apr 14th – 21st – Apr 28th – Sat 5th May -  Sat 12th May -  Sat 19th May

Prices 2018 are  £13 per person

12 passengers per boat Max

6 am start from the quay St Ives, 8am return to the Quay St Ives

Adjourning to The Swan  and Angel in The Market Place…

for breakfast that will cost you approx £5 extra per head..


Flora and Insects trips

in the electric boat Whisper

Sunday 1st  July  -  Sunday 15th July

Prices 2018 are  £13 per person

12 passengers per boat Max

2 pm start from the quay St Ives,

4pm return to the Quay St Ives

Adjourning to The Swan  and Angel in The Market Place where we can each buy a cup of tea etc. and chat about the Trip…


Bats & Astronomy August  – TBD2018

Previous year’s sightings

We sail along the darkening River Ouse to Hemingford Lock where Daubenton’s Bats flit around hunting insects over the river surface before our very eyes ..If we are lucky we sometime get families hunting together.  But first we assess the the fly count up the chub stream hovering in their myriads over the river, and then sail back to the lock to await their arrival.

The ISA Space Station often flies over. Captain Tim Peake returned to earth in June 2016, but there are other passengers up there enjoying the ride and other amazing things to be viewed with your bare eyes. On 4th Aug passage over Britain is at 21.35 Hours, a low pass, which on a clear night we will see as a ‘very bright’ object.

We chat tonight about the amazing images and revelations of Charon and its other 4  ’New Moons’ that the ‘New Horizons’  mission sent back all the way from distant, demoted Pluto.

Cautionary note   Bats, particularly Daubentons seem to hate strong winds and rain, it disturbs  their flight paths and the water surface which they like to fly close to for feeding on insects while taking advantage of extra ground effect lift.                                                                 So in disturbed weather it is often best if we postpone to a more gentle evening….


Last years 30TH Apr 2016 Birds sighted as listed below…  Whoops + Green Woodpecker and later in the day 2 separate Oyster Catchers



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