Kids Riverport Pirates (suspended)


“The best and most memorable party you will ever have”

Let bold Cap’n Morgan and his rakish first mate, Mad Jack, (if he’s around) lead your group on an action-packed voyage of drama and discovery. These fantastic themed activity cruises are a wonderful way to celebrate a young pirate’s birthday.


  • Come dressed as Pirates  – and be prepared for a lot of swash-buckling……………………………………………

  •  The Most fearsome of stories begins………..

River Pirates of the Fen

    Many long years had blown away with west wind since the demise of our great Queen Bess and her most generous Courtiers. The main sponsors of those countless voyages of piracy..I mean discovery, into all the darker aged regions of the New World.

         The Treasure-Ship captains who had so freely handed over their collections of stolen fabulous and glittering wealth to us had moved on and were now shipping, oils, tin trays, grains, ores and all things useful to the rising posh classes of the Old and New Continents. There was no margin or glory for any self respecting Privateer in purloining these mean modern day treasures of the New World Order.

Our brave men of the Sea had to look elsewhere to develop their BCB’s (Booty Confiscation Businesses).  Ha Ha !!!!

               They do say that right out of change emerges the many headed beast of opportunity. So it was with our lads that in heading back to their motherlands that they found their wanton ways into the river systems of old England, in particular the waters of that Great Ouse River where huge wealth was collecting in the rich towns and villages of the Fenlands.

The stories that followed have not been written down but are told on our pirate trips in search of the lost treasure of St Ives.


Junior Pirate Package – £100     2020 price

Ages 5,6,7

A 1 hour pirate trip to Worlds End featuring pirate songs stories and happenings

For children’s parties (5 to 7 yrs) or families

Price includes one pirate boat for one  hours with up to 11 passengers, to include at least 2 fun-loving adults and the following activities:

You may bring some minor nibbles for the journey…

There’s a lot to do…

  • A staged boat mutiny (passengers do not participate)
  • A blood curdling story about the Fabled Ancient River Pirates of St Ives.
  • A simple treasure hunt (find Captain Morgan’s treasure )
  • Sea shanty songs, pirate quiz.
  • Boat barrackings
 Please call 07906 257308 to discuss your particular pirate needs.

Embarkation from The Quay, St Ives, at a time to suit your requirements.

         No deposit required but we know where you live            


 Important Safety Issues

    • All passengers must wear pumps or trainers when on board
    • There will be two pirates, and at least 2 adults from your party on each boat.
    • Our skippers are practised in recovery procedures from the boats.
    • We are fully insured with third party indemnity.
    • Disembarkation for the treasure hunt en-route is carefully supervised.
    • All boats carry adequate life jackets and two roped ring-life buoys
    • We do not operate these trips when the river is in fast stream.
    • Trips can be more exciting in inclement weather bring your macs.
  • Postponements are also a possibility for very bad weather.

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