Self Drive Boat Hire

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Self drive boat hire:

In  Whisper  our electric launch, 10 seater capacity for self-drive.

Boating can be a dangerous pastime when not taken seriously.                                                                    – The Nominated Captain (Driver) is responsibe for the safety of all passengers on board.

Basic rules apply for self drive hire, including - 10 min boat familiarization  (for all trip lengths)   -  To book a ‘though lock-trip’, the min time for hire is 2 hrs.                                                                         -  Alcohol is allowed on board in small reasonable quantities.  This will be monitored.                    -  It is against the law for boat hire drivers to drink alcohol whilst driving and to be driving under the influence of alcohol.

RESPONSIBILITIES of Nominated Captain – Driver                                                                                            -  Boat & Passenger priority for Safety at all times. Keep your focus.                                                          -  Adequate lifejackets are on board. Make good use of them.                                                                         -  KEEP TO RIGHT OF THE RIVER AT ALL TIMES  but  AVOID WEEDS AND FISHING LINES       -  Give RIGHT OF WAY TO DOWNSTREAM TRAFFIC THROUGH BRIDGES                                         -  Avoid collisions with other boats or jetties or riversidings.                                                                         -  Ask passengers to be  ‘look outs’ for you.                                                                                                             -  A boat hook is on board for proper use where needed.                                                                                    -  A Windlass (crank handle)  for manual lock gates is provided on board.                                                -  Locks on the Great Ouse River in our region are manual at one end and electric controlled at  the other.  A key will be provided for usage on the control box.                                                  

HIRE CHARGES   -  For mixed families  1 hr  £55.00   pro rata.                                                                           - For single sex trips  1 hr  £ 75.00  pro-rata                                                                                                           - The trip for 1 hour does not allow you to travel through a lock.                                                                   - Lock passage will be allowed only after passing a short lock competency and safety test.           

DEPOSIT of  £150 will taken for all self-hire boat trips.

PENALTIES                                                                                                                                                                            – Damaged boat.  The boat will be inspected after your use.  Any damage caused by you will be assessed on return and charged for accordingly.                                                                                                    – Any hirer rescue is charged an extra £40.00. Includes  weed bound props  -  Reckless driving damage is charged according to a post trip assessment.






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